Functional wholesale of smiles

For £

I puke with THE empty compliments

On tired faces of women

Consumer theatre zombies

Crush sensitivity with their clicking tongues

Cold fingers dripping with saliva

Snatch objects in a haste

Impossibility of buying

Twist faces with mournful grimace

After all fiction turned out to be

Uniovular twin of the reality


When all strophes of my gods

Will be known

Roads to Rome

Cactus flowers

Shades of green

I shall pass

Arm in Arm with white nothingness

She will be long and quiet


Sufficient for the smile

Just before the meeting to be not pretended

Babilonian stench I leave’

I will think


Sailor’s rope still coiled


I utter filthy words with easiness

Shoved in thoughtlessly into my mouth

With raspberry gruel two decades ago

I count coins on my fingers

No longer ducklings by the river

Trampled heart muscle

Seized wrists

To heavy to heavy

To carry the globe on tiny palms

Every day I wish to remain a child

I play with ADULTS

Giants with no soul no reveries

We play domino

Only black and white

And black black black

I lost again

And only old granny’s laughter

And white clouds


We still play the green game

We do not die yet


I will help myself to gobble down

Iron cannon bullet

I smile to passers – by

Clean dishes politely

Give up my place to stinking old women in the public transport

I even clean my teeth

Nevertheless they spit on me in the mornings

Civil servants



They occupy a position

I forgive them

But You – god fuck off

For centuries my brothers create for you

You respond with COLDBLODDED silence


Bewildered by leaves’ whispers

I cry

Enriching ponds of happiness

Entrapped by summer shades of

Enormous live monuments that allow me to breathe

Free creatures with wings

Sing enchanting songs into

Ears of animal exiled

From paradise gates

To exist in concrete prison

Only free creatures with wings

Cover my used and profaned body with carefreeness

They hide it in the

Snow white healing cocoon of hope


Nailed with the winds of

October fearsome skies

Purified into the naked bone

I cried rivers of No Hope

Tired of existence

Twitching never sleeping limbs

Crucified colourless freedom’s wings

Heavy body slides down the splintered wood

On sticky toffee words of his vanity

Liver eaten by crows

Parts of my brain spread across the frozen mud

Nutrition for soil

Sudden summer winds diffuse nails

Feeding small daffodils

My juices flow through old oak’s veins

Making Pied Flycatcher cheerful

Observing zoologist fulfilled


You plant on me your dreams of faraway Mediterranean skies

Each warm hungry finger

Nests wild strawberry seed

On curved parts of my visible self

Glued by fresh mango juices

We travel through space in frozen time

Invisibly for observer


Blown into the winter crosswords/ crosswords/ crossroads

With the force of the first light

Levied by screaming newborn


Warm octopus roots of evergreen creepers

Spread across the undergrowth of defrosting soft tissues

Performing tactful tearing

Hungrily feeding


Short-paced breathing

Harmonized in cathartic waltz


Galloping heart CANNOT STOP

Whoooooa…. shouts coachman

From the top of my head

Million’s of tropical birds

Spread their shiny colour magic of unspoken needles words

When I drill deepless Huskies eyes

Taste of morning summer wild berries

Soft smell of rural flowers fill my lungs

Calming whispers brook

Bring back the feelings of double chocolate childhood


Broken pieces of yesterday sun

Caught my eye

Fighting for attention

In the life and death battle

With the frosty cold pavement

I walk straight sturdy firm

Nipples oscillate

In roundabout trees

In pararell sunny world

Naked happy feet

Kill crisp taste buds of grass

Making them scream for more

Forest animals

Watch us with wild eyes

From the corners of their peaceful souls

They envy

We will with the MOTHER’S NATURE help

Turn into them again

Tearing wholeness of our bodies

Gluing fragments of unstable identities

In multiple orgasms


Bless me Father, for I have sinned

(I am getting cleaned of hatred)

Lust flames

Burn my veins from the inside with the Eternal Fire


Columbus of his Body

Vasco da Gama of his souL

I encircle his lips with pagan movements of

My moist hips

I orbit him- my orbit

With the speed of the light I chase life

Greedy as newborn nesting

I flutter with spur

For the first time and the second time at three in the morning

I am not truly sorry

I am not sorry

I do not regret

With the captivating centrifugal force of his palms

I snatch the shades of carefreeness

I gulp down the promises

I thank god in whom I do not believe.

For these and all the sins of my past life I AM NOT truly sorry

I AM a wild bird at the end of the day




the old trees with beards and long tales

endless silence

lays in hammock


searching for adventure two male young Blue Tits

watch the public execution

spider combs silver web


sunshine brightens DEATH

flies’ happy funeral scene.

passing snail does not bother to react

Rose is waiting in excitement

woke by the lover wind

FIRST STRUCK – she looses one petal

SECOND STRUCK – he takes her by force

THIRD STRUCK – she gives herself willingly

there is no fourth struck, he is bored already


at the other side of the rainbow

silent man

in uncomfortable khaki clothes



dying from the war disease


is thinking of his mother’s bright smile


  1. one leg

  2. faith in humanity




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